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This glossary contains terms that are often used around this site. It will auto-link to these words to provide contextual help as you navigate through the VLE.

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A Blog is a shortened version of the term "web log"and refers to a system which allows users to author their own web log or diary on a website without having to be able to write their own website.

There are many different bloging sites on the Internet and Moodle employees a basic blog mechanism within its set of learning tools.



This stands for Information Communication Technology.



Management Information System - This is a term used in schools to describe a piece of software and a database that is used to hold all curricular, assessment and attendance data about the school.


This is the software that runs our VLE. It is Open Source software that is developed by teachers and programmers worldwide. It is free for anybody to download, use or improve.

You can read more about the software at this website:



This stands for: Virtual Learning Environment

This Virtual Learning Environment is Moodle.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia definition: