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Site Developments

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Site Developments
by Spencer (Staff) S - Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 9:59 AM

The new science building is taking shape and will be ready to use in September 2016.  There will be five science laboratories for use by all key stages and two science preparation rooms.  To accommodate the demand for our popular A Level science courses, two specialist A Level chemistry laboratories will also be created.  This investment in specialist laboratories will positively impact on the quality of learning for all our students and enable them to develop independent practical skills. 

Some visual images are below of plans for the sports centre which will provide the school with a much needed multi-functional space.  The proposed space will allow over 600 students to be seated at any one time for lunch and the new kitchen facility will ensure that all students are able to access meals in a timely manner and socialise with friends.  This multi-functional area will also be used throughout the exam season, allowing 375 desks to be set up in a contained and controlled environment.  During out of school hours, the community will have access to these facilities, for activities such as tennis, netball and five-a-side football. 

Once the new science building is complete, the next phase is to refurbish the former Riding science classrooms into four specialist product design workshops.  As demand is rapidly increasing for careers in technology and engineering based subjects, these specialist facilities will be beneficial to students throughout the school. 

As well as internal space, we are reviewing our outdoor areas and looking at how students use these spaces.  Students are encouraged to share their ideas with the student leadership team to ensure that we maximize the use of our outdoor space and create areas that will be of benefit to all students.