South Hunsley Information Communication Technology Acceptable Use Policy

‘Community of Responsibility’


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that users of South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College understand the ways in which the Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment is to be used. Our aim is to provide a service within school to promote educational excellence in ICT, innovation, communication and educating users about online behaviour. This includes interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness. Although the use of social media like Twitter is permitted in school, the tool is only to be used for the purpose of learning. The policy aims to ensure that ICT facilities and the Internet are used effectively for their intended purpose, without infringing legal requirements or creating unnecessary risk. Users should read this policy alongside the other policies detailed in the Supporting Policies and Related Information section.


This policy applies to:


On evidence provided by the school, an employee may enter into disciplinary procedures by their employer. At the same time, if a user’s conduct and / or action(s) are illegal, the user may become personally liable in some circumstances.

Policy Statement

Staff and students are provided with free access to a wide range of ICT provision to enable and assist their work and support their educational development. By using the school's provision all users are agreeing to this 'Acceptable Use Policy'. When logging on to any computer in the school, users are presented with an informational message that alerts them to the fact that they are bound by the terms in this, and all related policies. All users must click 'OK' to show that they agree to the policies before they can continue to use the systems. This action is considered as further agreement to the terms of these policies.

Users are responsible and personally accountable for their use and activity on the school's ICT systems. Any use that contravenes this policy will be dealt with by the standard disciplinary routes and may involve withdrawal of ICT usage privileges.


The school reserves the right to monitor all activity on the school network by all users. All forms of electronic data held on the school's systems are the property of the school. The IT Manager, Network Manager and any designated staff can access any data stored on the school's systems at any time to ensure that the system is being used appropriately. Also, at the request of the Head Teacher or a Line Manager, the ICT Support Team will investigate if there has been any breach of this policy by searching files and communications on the school's systems. Users should not expect nor assume that their school files, emails and Internet activities are private.

Identification of Users

Unacceptable Use

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College expects all users to use ICT facilities and the Internet responsibly and strictly according to the following conditions:


Supporting Policies and Related Information

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College supporting policies:


This policy extends the following national AUP, and should be read with reference to them:


This policy shall be presented to each user group in language that is accessible by the target group; but still conveys the same information. These adapted AUP will be made available to the target audiences at regular occasions.

The list of unacceptable activities in this policy is not necessarily exhaustive. In accordance with this policy, any use of the school's ICT systems for any activity which may reasonably be regarding as unlawful is not permitted. The purpose of this section is to bring as clearly as possible to the reader's attention those activities most commonly associated with the abuse of a network.

It may be permissible for such material to be received, created or transmitted where this is for properly supervised and lawful purposes. This may include, for example, approved teaching or research, or the reception or transmission of such material by authorised personnel in the course of an investigation into a suspected or alleged abuse of the school's facilities. The discretion to approve such use, and the responsibility for any such approval, rests with the Governing body and the Head Teacher of the school. Approval for such usage must be sought in advance.